Doctoral Theses


Adriana Roșca Chirica, Gender and the digital transformation of human resources practices. A sociological study of HR professionals’ discourses, July 2020


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Alexandra Ciocănel,  Blurring and constructing boundaries: legitimising homeopathy in the Romanian medical landscape, September 2019


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beti toma Elisabeta Toma,  Video Games Potential for Social Change. A Qualitative Analysis of the Evolution of Gender and Age as Institutions through Video Games, September 2018


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Zaharia Carmen Zaharia, Happy Like a Unicorn – Discursive Emotion Literacy and Conceptual Metaphors of Affect in Foreign Language Acquisition. A Study in the Sociology of Emotions, September 2018


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anaborlescu Ana Maria Borlescu, Discursive Representations of Illness and Healthcare: A Qualitative Study of Patients and Doctors. University of Bucharest, September 2016


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andreamarian Andrea Marian, Dimensiunea discursivă a fericirii la locul de muncă. O analiză a poziţionărilor şi a repertoriilor interpretative. University of Bucharest, September 2016


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  Alina Petra Marinescu, The Discursive Dimension of Employee Engagement and Disengagement. Accounts of Keeping and Leaving Jobs in Present-Day, Bucharest Organizations. University of Bucharest, July 2016


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 Roxana Roxana Bratu, Dimensiunea afectivă a transnaționalismului. Studiu de caz asupra migranților români în Italia din satul Vulturu, Vrancea. University of Bucharest, July 2016


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